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It takes a team to create a community. Participation, Passion, and Diligence of effort is vital to make a difference in Service, City Development, and creating an environment where resident needs and dreams for family and community are #1.

Hellen R (english)

Alex (english)

Aduber B (english)

Antonio M (english)

Antonio M (spanish)

Becky (english)

Dennis A (english)

Ken F (english)

Kimberly B (english)

Kimberly B (spanish)

Lanni O (english)

Lee D (english)

Bunn W (english)

Ena R. (english)

Molly F. (english)

Pastor Britt (english)

David W. (english)

Alvin E. (english)

Local Endorsements

Mark Stone - California Assemblyman 29th Assembly District
Ian Ogelsby - Mayor, City of Seaside
George Riley - Monterey Peninsula Water District Board Member
Alvin Edwards - Monterey Peninsula Water District Board Member
Dr. Betty Lusk - Monterey Peninsula Unified School District Board of Trustees
Alena Myles - Monterey Peninsula Unified School District Board of Trustees
Helen Rucker - Community Activist, Former Council person
Dennis Alexander - Former Seaside Councilperson
Lany Olis - Community Activist
Rev. Ronald Britt - Pastor Victory Temple Church
Alex Miller - Neighborhood Improvement Commission Chairperson
Dennis Volk - Community Activist
Don Jordan - former Mayor of Seaside
Catherine Crockett - ommunity Activist
Ruthie Watts - Community Activist
Nancy Towne - Former City of Seaside Recreation Director
Ken Fittro - Educator and Community Aquatics Coach
Becky Stofer - Pacchetti Dog Park Chairperson
Steven Goings - Counselor
Ramona Olaeta Reed - Neighborhood Improvement Vice Chairperson
Mike Ward - Commander American Legion Post 591
Sue Hawthorne - Community Development Block Grant Chairperson
Bunn Washington - Seaside Raiders Coach
Al Glover - Community Philanthropist and Entrepreneur
Bobby Maxwell - Parks and Recreation Commission Chairperson and PAL President
Lee Durley - Music Director and Host
Mike Spalleta - Seaside Planning Commission Vice Chairperson
Eduber Bonilla - Business Owner
Susie Jeanne Banks - Realtor
Antonio Morales - Business Owner
Candy James - Radio Personality
Gayle Tier - Property Manager
Ron Glover - Business Manager
Nancy Amos - former Seaside Councilperson
Ray Bennett - Neighborhood Improvement Commissioner
Sandra Weaver - former President of Seaside Library
Ava Scofield - Vice Chairperson Seaside Homeless Commission
Bob Coble - Community Activist
Pat Cobble - Community Activist

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