Dave Pacheco's Goals

"Championing Seaside's Future"

It takes a team to create a community. Participation, Passion, and Diligence of effort is vital to make a difference in Service, City Development, and creating an environment where resident needs and dreams for family and community are #1.

Goals for Seaside

Over the past four years, the City of Seaside has steadily moved in a direction that has seen many successes.

A growing downtown, a future Senior Assisted living facility, developing Campus Town, and affordable housing with a focus on the Ascent Complex and other in-progress units. Park development and street and sidewalk improvement is happening for the first time in more than a quarter of a century. Most importantly, Seaside is creating a community of residents that can be proud of their city and growing into a leader on the Peninsula for action. We have a cutting edge plan that will lead us into a great future for generations to come.

The path to excellence has many curves but we are on the cusp to achieve a vision that will make a significant positive difference in our children’s and grandchildren’s lives. Championing Seaside's future takes a vision and understanding of Seaside's history. I am a lifelong resident who has a grass roots knowledge of residents with an understanding of the direction needed to continue to build our great city. I believe I can lead our city with my participation, ability to listen to residents, and my passion for Seaside and our community.


Promoting a vision that puts residents first, with an awareness of family and enhancement of our needs and quality of life
Create an atmosphere of pride in Seaside by residents and staff that will enhance a unified opportunity to achieve success
Continue to demand “residents first” and ensure follow up to citizens’ concerns by personal involvement and response.
Ensure new businesses and development have every opportunity to succeed as we continue to ensure red tape and road blocks are removed when appropriate.
Ensure the City of Seaside is driven by a “Yes to business” and “Yes to citizens” ideals. Saying no to any well developed opportunity is unacceptable.
Listen attentively to residents, be available to their needs and meet as needed for purposes of valuing their ideas, concerns, and hope for Seaside
Continue to financially support City of Seaside community programs and projects
Attend a wide range of community meetings, commission meetings, and Seaside impacted peninsula meetings that will provide information to enhance the goals of the City of Seaside
Be sensitive to the environment and the progressive efforts necessary to enhance the quality of life while also protecting our greatest assets
Ensure Seaside is put first in my deliberation, efforts, and future development and planning Keep my promises to the residents of Seaside

Bettering Seaside

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