Dave Pacheco's Accomplishments

"Championing Seaside's Future"

Leadership Accomplishments

Moving Forward Steadily for Our Future and the Greater Seaside with Pride, Respect, and Opportunity

Councilman Pacheco led efforts

Led efforts for the completion of Kimball and Wheeler Street
Led efforts for Lights on Broadway
Led efforts for increased street improvements
Led efforts for increased parking on West Broadway
Signage for downtown Seaside and Seaside's downtown beacon of lights
Led efforts for Seaside Stars
Led efforts for park renovation at Ellis Park
Led efforts for outdoor basketball courts at Lincoln Cunningham Park
Led efforts for Cutino Park improvements
Continues to lead the Harvest Festival for Patchetti Dog Park
Committee member for the Earth Day Celebration

Leads efforts for the continuing success of Sunday Blues
Co-hosted with Councilman Garcia eight business listening sessions to improve communication and recommend positive changes
Hosted over 24 town halls to improve resident awareness
Donation of $23,000.00 to City of Seaside and youth organizations

As a leader, I have been focused on creating a team with strong leadership, the will to achieve and the desire to ensure Seaside continues to move forward. I expect nothing less of myself and require much more.

“I listen to residents, provide opportunities for discussion and information, and prepare my decision making with an open mind and vision for a greater Seaside.”

My successes as your Councilman...

The groundbreaking for Campus Town and our four star hotel at the Seaside Golf Course, is scheduled to happen by December 2024, along with the initial steps for establishing the County Courthouse in Seaside, will bring transformative changes to our community. These developments will enhance services and improve the quality of life for our residents. The numerous street improvements, park renovations, and Fire Department remodeling projects are significant milestones. The street and park enhancements represent the most substantial progress in Seaside's history, significantly improving our neighborhoods and community. While much work remains in streets, sidewalks, and parks, we have paved the way for continued infrastructure enhancements.

We have fostered a sense of pride and respect through initiatives such as the Farmers Market, Stars of Seaside, Lights on Broadway, Sustainability programs, Sunday Blues, and numerous youth programs. Despite our achievements, there is still much more to be done.

As part of a dedicated team, I have often led efforts for community enhancement and positive change. We continue to work towards uniting, guiding, mentoring, and driving our community towards success. As a lifelong resident of Seaside, with my son and grandchildren also living here, I deeply understand our community's history. To enact meaningful change, it is essential to know where we have been and where we need to go to enhance the quality of life for our residents.

By working together, we are building a strong foundation. My experience, knowledge of city history, and commitment to making necessary changes are tools that will help make Seaside a community of and for the people.

Bettering Seaside

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